Common Questions at our Frenuloplasty Clinic in Ireland

Common Questions at Our Frenuloplasty Clinic

No, unfortunately, a short frenulum generally does not get better on its own.

Some physicians suggest stretching exercises, but the frenulum is a rather tough tissue that is not easily stretched. A penile frenulectomy is usually necessary to release the tight band of tissue creating painful downward traction on the glans.

A frenulectomy is a specialized technique that treats this condition by removing the tight restriction, allowing increased penile skin range of motion. It is done under local anaesthesia in our Ireland clinic and takes only about 30 minutes to perform.

The goal of the procedure is functional, so that the tight frenulum is released, allowing improved sexual pleasure without fear of pain or bleeding.

You can book a consultation with one of our doctors to see if a penile frenulectomy or frenuloplasty procedure could be appropriate in your case.

We perform procedures under long-acting local anaesthesia and those men who have undergone this procedure usually describe it as virtually painless.

The risks associated with the procedure are generally similar to any minor procedure, and include:

  • Swelling and bruising at the site of the procedure 1/100.
  • Infection requiring antibiotics 1/500.
  • Bleeding (usually mild) 1/100.
  • Scarring at the site of the operation 1/100.
  • Meatal stenosis due to injury to the frenular artery requiring a meatotomy (rare) 1/500.
  • Suboptimal cosmetic or functional effect requiring a second procedure 1/100.
  • Chronic pain at the site of the surgery 1/500.
  • Vasovagal reaction causing light-headedness after the procedure 1/200.
Recovery from penile frenulectomy is fairly fast and painless. Most men do not require additional pain medications after the procedure and are able to return to office work the next day. If your work requires heavy or physical activity, you will need a few more days off.
We generally recommend no sex for at least 5-6 weeks to allow the surgical site to heal optimally and sutures, if required at the time of the procedure, to dissolve.
After a frenulectomy, because the tight band is released, sex becomes more pleasurable due to less pain and worry from tearing and bleeding.

Frenulectomy does not affect your foreskin and you will remain uncircumcised if you are not circumcised. Because the procedure only involves releasing the tight band of tissue underneath the penis where it attaches to your foreskin, your foreskin will be preserved.

If you are interested in circumcision, please see more details on getting circumcised as an adult.

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