Common Questions About Preputioplasty in Ireland

Common Questions at Our Preputioplasty Clinic

The benefit is that with preputioplasty you retain the foreskin. Both procedures will remove the tight ring of the foreskin and address phimosis. Circumcision has a higher success rate and will entirely remove the foreskin.
Preputioplasty is a treatment option for mild phimosis in boys and men. It’s an option for those who have phimosis but who do not experience frequent inflammation and irritation of the foreskin caused by infection (men who do not have fungal balanitis). Preputioplasty is an alternative to circumcision in cases of mild phimosis without balanitis.
Preputioplasty success in treating phimosis depends on the severity of underlying phimosis. For patients with mild phimosis who have mild discomfort when they pull the foreskin back, preputioplasty of the penile foreskin can be successful 70-90% of the time.

Patients with extensive scarring have low success rates with preputioplasty. Men with fibrotic and scarred foreskin are advised to have a circumcision, and the success rate of circumcision for treatment of adult male phimosis approaches 100%.

Fungal balanitis is caused by the moist environment within the foreskin. Preputioplasty does not treat the underlying problem and will not prevent the recurrence of balanitis. Balanitis is especially prevalent in diabetic men. Men with fungal balanitis are advised to consider circumcision.

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